Monday, May 13, 2002

here i go again. i have so much on my plate. it's pretty good though. i seem to be more efficient this way. i want to go to thailand and take thai massage. i want to keep up my involvement in child haven. i want to start a cafe. i want to travel all over the world. i want to get my invention out of wax, into plastic and onto shelves. i'm workin' on all of these things just waitin' fer one of 'em to happen.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

so yesterday, i was moaning and groaning and pissed off that i had to wait for a ride holding heavy bags of groceries. so, just as this foul mood had come, it quickly passed with the perspective of a young woman in a wheelchair. she was beautiful, looked like she had just been photographed for some beauty magazine cover. she had been amputated from what looked like from above or at the top of the pelvic bone. i wondered how that could be even possible and then felt really stupid for being in a shitty mood for a lousy 10 minutes of holding heavy bags. to confirm that my day had really been not so bad, when we arrived at the lcbo, some (also very stunning) woman just decided to pass out and smash her face into the glass wall near the exit doors. by comparison, standing there holding those heavy bags was a big whoopdi-do. sometimes, i need these reminders and appreciate when they come quickly.
get on the road!
let's get in the car, on the horse, ride the bicycle, let's just go!